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Carmen Thyssen’s Salon des Refusés

So finally her museum has opened in Malaga. The international public don’t seem particularly interested despite the initial free entry and guest appearances of thirty pictures from Tita’s Madrid collection. But the most important event was the subsequent signing of the contract, which should of course have taken place prior to the pictures’ arrival and the museum opening. The spokesman for the United Left in Malaga’s city council, Mr Pedro Moreno Brenes, even went as far as stating that the signature only happened once the town council had agreed to supply yet further millions to cover running costs.

According to an article in Diariosur Newspaper it also appears that Mrs Thyssen has the right to remove 10% of the pictures permanently and another 15% for up to nine months. So what the Andalucians believe they have invested more than 36 million Euros in may not be quite what they end up with. Already there seems to be some doubt as to the museum’s potential profitability as six million euros of the investment is infact a subsidy for the running of the museum for the next two and a half years. After which the museum is expecting to be able to self-finance – but only fifty percent of the running costs -, which basically means the council will probably have to invest at least another fifteen to twenty million for the full fifteen-year loan, from which Tita claims she will not receive a penny.

At the signing of the agreement a small but vocal group of protesters made their opposition to such extravagance obvious. They were members of a recently formed national group of protesters who are unofficially known as Los Indignados.

There is still no news as to why Tomas Llorens and his assistant, Maria Lopez, left the Carmen Thyssen Museum Malaga in such a hurry. One can only presume it was something they considered financially or legally advisable, or possibly both, while Tita must now be somewhat embarrassed by the fact that Llorens remains on the board of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid. It is also rather confusing that the current director of the Madrid museum, Guillermo Solana, continues to promote Tita’s collections despite the fact that the Spanish government has apparently already succeeded in a legal action regarding the passing-off of the Thyssen-Bornemisza “brand”, obgliging her to call her museum Museo Carmen Thyssen rather than Museo Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza. God knows how much that cost her to defend or who paid the legal bill for her Malaga venture, considering the tax complications involved with pictures owned by three different offshore trusts!

Anyway, Carmen Thyssen has finally confirmed the rumours that she, like Spain itself, is experiencing financial difficulties. She has even warned the Malaga city council that while she is at present loaning her pictures for ‘nothing’ she will eventually, of course, have to receive some form of recompense. There have also been accusations that she has failed to show-up for a number of museum-related, social events. Hopefully because she was busy with more profitable pursuits.

Drawing by Alagram at STATE Magazine (

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Poor Spain!

It may be very sad but if there was ever an image that sums up what has become of Spain’s once great cultural heritage, it is this photograph (see above) of The Baroness of Bad Taste, Duchess of Greed, arriving in her gross ‘Panzermobile’ at ‘her’ museum.

As the excrement of corruption, greed, chat TV, celebrity-obsessed society and ‘dollar art’, as reflected in Hola, now covers whatever was once great about Spain and the true brilliance that undoubtedly still exists – and can even, occasionally, be seen through gaps in the scum – it becomes difficult not to believe that this is what the majority of Spanish people want or are prepared to accept.

They seem quite happy to have paid $600,000,000 for half of a second rate art ‘collection’ and spend yet further millions every year in subsidies, while this ugly recipient of their generosity demands yet more money.

So if, as it appears, their dreams really are now represented by Carmen Thyssen’s gross reality and overpriced art, then one can only accept the fact that she appears to be doing a very fine job.

Poor Spain!

Lady ChaCha playing the Pink Joker (photo: Ines Baucells, ABC newspaper)

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Is Thyssen’s Tomas Llorens A Builder Or A Curator?

Something is puzzling me.

Tomas Llorens Serra, ex-director of the Madrid Thyssen Museum, and now chief advisor of Carmen Thyssen on her planned Malaga Thyssen Museum, many years ago, told me personally that his academic background had been as a student of architecture at Portsmouth University in England, where he received his degree as an architect.

Of course, this would, in theory at least, qualify him to be part of the company (named by Miguel Ferrary in an article entitled ‘Disenar las entranas del Thyssen’ in ‘La Opinion De Malaga’ on 15 December 2009 as being ‘Nova Kiterea, based in Valencia’ – Mr Llorens’s hometown -, ‘created in August 2008 and of which Tomas Llorens is a ‘socio apoderado’) that is building the new cultural centre of Malaga, where Tita Thyssen, his ex-boss, is threatening to house her collection, or part of it. But it would not qualify him as an art historian or as a curator.

Perhaps this is the reason why on his CV at he misses out all references to architecture and concentrates on the fields of law, aesthetics, philosophy and literature, which he seems to think did qualify him as an art historian.

(This comment was also posted by me today on this site at Diariosur newspaper, but taken down after 10 minutes. Not the first time, I might add, that a newspaper (Spanish or English for that matter) has censored my comments on the Thyssens! As the saying goes: ‘Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that they’re not trying to get you!…..)


Is this man big enough for the job?

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