David Robert (Lorne) Litchfield was born in the UK on 30 April 1943 and died there on 18 January 2023.

He was the son of military pilot Frederick Lorne Litchfield and of a doctor’s daughter. (His step-great-grandmother was a Hungarian Countess, Ottilie von Schosberger). His great-grand-father was a sea captain from Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, where Litchfield had his base in Cowes for the best part of the last three decades of his life.

He was educated at St Clare in Haywards Heath. Read Oriental Studies at Benghazi University, Libya. Worked as an editorial assistant for Bailey Brothers and Swinfen, London agents for Schocken & Harvard University Press. Travelled extensively in Europe and Asia Minor before settling in St Tropez, where he made a living as a painter. Returning to Britain, he studied graphic design at St Martins School of Art in London.

He was then employed as a book designer by Aldus Books (a subsidiary of Doubleday). Worked with South African musician Gui Gui Mawebi and avant-garde composer, Cornelius Cardew, a disciple of Stockhausen. Freelanced as an illustrator and photographer.

Founded the Baroque Press, designed and published The Image (1972-1974), an award-winning graphic arts and photography magazine which featured the work of Andy Warhol, Elliott Erwitt, Don McCullin, Harry Holland, Horst, Richard Hamilton, Homer Sykes, Nick Roeg, Allen Jones, Peter Blake, John Schlesinger, David Bailey, William Burroughs, Jean Shrimpton and Linda McCartney, as well as many less well known artists.

Wrote, edited and designed ‘Andy Warhol’, published by Mathews Miller Dunbar, based on a TV documentary by David Bailey.

Made a number of documentary films, with and concerning Harry Nilsson, Paul McCartney and Bob Marley (whose manager threatened to kill him); a theatrical production of ‘The Fall of The House of Usher’ by Stephen Berkoff, ‘The Point’ by Harry Nilsson, ‘One Hand Clapping’ and ‘Empty Hands’, a Japanese martial arts documentary film for theatrical release. The cameraman on ‘Empty Hands’ was Roger Deakins, who went on to become Hollywood’s most celebrated director of photography. Litchfield directed one commercial for Liberty of London starring the legendary Elaine Stritch.

Lectured in Advanced Communications at the London College of Media Studies.

Founded, edited and designed (1976-1989 and 1996-1997) – with his characteristic, Japanese writing brush-style logo and titles – the monthly Ritz Newspaper (published with David Bailey for seven of its fourteen year life). Ritz was the British equivalent of Andy Warhol’s Interview. A glamorously superficial magazine, Litchfield was responsible for introducing paparazzi photography to Britain; a move that he subsequently very much regretted. The paper covered fashion photography, interviews, gossip and culture columns.

He interviewed and profiled such people as R D Laing, Jeanette Winterson, Jack Nicholson, Helmut Newton, Charlotte Rampling, John Irving, Francis Bacon, Gore Vidal, Princess Margaret, Buckminster Fuller, Stephanie Grimaldi, Tiny Rowlands, Orson Wells, Rupert Murdoch, Francesca Thyssen and the entire Thyssen family. Many of these people also became his friends and some, such as Mick Jagger, his enemies!

Ritz Newspaper won the 1978 Design & Art Director’s Silver Award for the most outstanding newspaper.

He appeared in three documentary films concerning the rise of the celebrity cult, including Karen Altmann’s documentary “Take Six. Putting on the Ritz” regarding Ritz Newspaper, aired on Thames TV on 5th September 1978 – and Angela Rippon’s BBC documentary “The Image Makers” aired on 15th September 1981, which shows him working with Patrick Lichfield as they put together the cover of an issue of Ritz Newspaper featuring Vogue Talent Contest Model of the Year Emma Davies.

Having sold Ritz and two weekly newspapers in 1989, he lived in Paris for two years while writing a screenplay for Jean Jacques Beneix, based on Le Taxi by Violette Leduc.

(Litchfield also revived Ritz Newspaper briefly in 1996 & 1997).

Then spent ten years travelling throughout India, Europe, the US, Cuba and Bermuda, while researching and subsequently writing ‘The Thyssen Art Macabre’ with Caroline. The book was first published in 2006 by Quartet Books in London and then, in 2007, in Spain by Temas de Hoy. In 2008, it was also published in Germany by assoVerlag Oberhausen. This Thyssen biography caused a major controversy in the German-speaking press, in particular surrounding the involvement of members of the Thyssen family in the murder of 200 Jewish slave labourers from Hungary at the family’s castle in Rechnitz (Rohonc), Burgenland (Austria) on 25 March 1945. The book was published in Italy by Mimesis Edizioni in 2019.

He completed a screenplay entitled ‘Hannibal, The Legend’.

In 2013, his uncensored biography of Unity Mitford (‘Hitler’s Valkyrie’) was published by The History Press.

In January 2023, shortly before his death, David (with Caroline Schmitz, Mike Jolliffe and Paul Dibbens), published his memoirs of his collaboration with David Bailey and others on Ritz Newspaper, entitled ‘Bailey and I’.

He had written for The Times, The Mail on Sunday, Tatler, The Independent on Sunday, Connoisseur, The Art Newspaper, Rolling Stone and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

His first novel will be published posthumously.

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David R. L. Litchfield (photo: Charles Dickens)

David R. L. Litchfield (photo: Charles Dickens)

David R. L. Litchfield (photo: John Swannell)

David R. L. Litchfield (photo: John Swannell, National Portrait Gallery London) 

David Litchfield with David Bailey, ca. 1980 (photo: Aurelio D’Angelo)

Caroline Schmitz, The Collaborator

Caroline Schmitz, The Collaborator (photo: David Litchfield)

'Paul & I' (Ritz Newspaper)

‘Paul & I’ (Ritz Newspaper) (photo: Richard Young)

Litchfield interviewing Heini Thyssen in Lugano, ca. 1989 (photo: Nicola Graydon)